Press Reviews

“…the flautist Hansgeorg Schmeiser in Schubert’s Variations on Trockene Blumen. Together with the pianist of the evening, Peter Baur, he presented a profound, imaginative interpratation.”
Die Presse

“With this recording, Hansgeorg Schmeiser makes a breakthrough for the flute solo.
The exceptional musician from Graz, distinguished at the most renowned orchestras (Vienna Volksoper, Vienna Staatsoper,…), shows his brilliance with pieces ranging from Bach to Hindemith and Takemitsu."
Kleine Zeitung

“Schmeiser doesn’t fill but rather feels the evocative silences. He swells in and out of ghostly legato passages or punchy, recurrent motifs with complete conviction.”

“A great, young musician seems to have matured in Graz: passionate about the flute, disciplined and elegant, but with immense musicality, Hansgeorg Schmeiser played Bach, Mozart, Fauré, Fukushima and Schubert.”
Kleine Zeitung (1987)